DIY Patchwork Cushion Covers

Recently, I have been working on decorating my room. In order to save money, I am planning to do as much of it myself and do lots of DIY’s along the way. I went to Ikea the other day and bought lots of plain cushions in which I would make my own cushion covers to go over them. Firstly, I planned on making some patchwork cushions, to make use of some of my small scraps of fabric. I did one with a pink colour palette and one using blues and greens. The process of making was fairly straight-forward and it involved attaching the pieces together using a plain seam, the cushions covers can also be easily removed, as on the back there is two overlapping pieces of fabric. I adore these cushions and it’s easy to add your own twist and personality to them, because you can choose the fabrics yourself and experiment with different combinations. If you give it a go, I’d love to see them!- Enjoy!

Fashion Course and Cushions 019edit .jpg

Fashion Course and Cushions 020edit .jpg

Fashion Course and Cushions 024edit .jpg

Fashion Course and Cushions 029edit .jpg


DIY- Cute Girly Bow Tie

Today I whipped up this cute little nude bow tie with just a few scrap materials!! All you need to do is find some stretchy jersey material and cut out 1 strip of the material at whatever measurements you want- mine is 3 inches wide and 30 inches long but you can always trim it later on to get the length you want!! Then you can stretch the material and tie in a bow making sure the ends come out quite long!! Then you can find a cute button or embellishment and just hand sew onto the centre of the bow!! Then take some ribbon and thread it through the back loop of the bow and your done!! It’s very simple to do and they look great tied under silk shirts!!- Enjoy!!

3 Summery Looks

I made this collage of pictures showing 3 summery looks which I have styled in this summery period, if you would like to check them out here are the links:

First on left: https://vintagevicar22.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/textiles-art-deco-skirt-project/


Third: https://vintagevicar22.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/summery-dip-hem-maxi-skirt-look/


Textiles Art Deco Skirt Project

I am currently doing Textiles GCSE and I have nearly completed my first year. Our first project of the year was to make a baby pinafore dress but the one I have just finished was to design and make an Art Deco inspired skirt. Here are some pictures of my completed skirt- the background fabric is this lovely nude colour and then there are some appliqued and reverse appliqued triangles sewn on and some beading on the front. Also on the front there is this gold and black panel and on the back there are black traingles down the sides. There are also 2 darts inserted on each side, a waistband and a turn over hem with pom pom ribbon sewn into it!! It’s taken me so long to make and a lot of hard work but hopefully it will be worth it and it’s a fun, dressy piece and looks great paired with a plain black or white cami! Hope you like it!!

DIY- Sleeveless Shirts

This post is a quick DIY which I use all the time. Often I will grow out of shirts as the sleeves are too tight or I just don’t like the shirt with sleeves and feel it would look better as a sleeveles one. I’m sure most people have their own way of doing it but this is what I do and it can be used on shirts and tops too!! Enjoy: all details and steps below and if your trying it out and are having problems just message me below!!

Step 1:

Take your long-sleeved shirt and cut  both sleeves off leaving about 2cm from the seam of the sleeve- enough so you can turn it over.

Step 2:

 This is how it should look like once you have cut both sleeves off and what you need to do now is turn over the excess left so that it lines up with the seam of the sleeves and you can pin it down on just go for it like I do!






Step 3:

The next step is to set up your machiene, try and find a similar colour thread to the shirt and you need to use straight stitch so A or 0 on top and 2 on the bottom:

Step 4:

All you need to do now is get sewing,  insert it into the machiene go back a bit to secure the stitch and sew around it quite close to the edge, after sewn you can cut away the excess inside with pinking sheers or just normal scissors to neaten it:


Step 5:

Now your finished and you can try it on. This one is a tie up blue checked shirt so looks great tied over a white sleeveless top with high waisted denim shorts or just worn normally!! Enjoy!!