Prada Autumn/Winter 2012 Womenswear and Menswear Shoes

The new Prada Autumn/Winter Shoes are right up my street, both Mens and Womenswear! A lot of these beautiful shoes feature these incredible leather flowers sewn on and others have a 2 tone effect with a change of colour on the front and often also towards the bottom of the shoe! The Womenswear heels are super chunky and some have a large platform at the front!! These shoes in Womenswear fit into the androgynous and geeky trend and are simply breath-taking!! They may not be to everyone’s taste but I absolutely adore them!! Enjoy!!

Gorgeous Miu Miu Moccasins

OMG aren’t these Miu Miu Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Moccasins to die for!!! Patent black and caramel ones, glittery navy and gold ones and snake print ones! Best of all they all have these little cute classic tassels on the front!! Goodness me I could really do with a pair of  these!! What do you think of these beauties??

How do you walk in these?

These Christian Louboutin ballet heels are by far the most extravagant shoes I have seen in my life! I know that going on pointe is hard enough for ballet dancers but really walking constantly and then they are attached to a super high heel, surely thats impossible??? These shoes are seen as some of the most iconic in the world and I can believe that very much so by their ballet shoe look and then incrusted with jems all over to add some of that Louboutin glam!! What do you think of these crazy shoes?

UO Brogues

Brogues are a classic, vintage type of shoe and match with a range of outfits. My first pair of brogues were bought from Next and were similar to these- they were great and lasted me for ages. But in all of a sudden my feet grew massively from a 3-6 in a short peroid of time, so I asked for some new ones for Christmas as I simply couldn’t live without them!! These ones are from Urban Oufitters in Deena and Ozzy range. They are a beautiful mix of tan leather and suede with the classic punch hole detailing. I haven’t yet found an outfit they don’t go perfectly with!! p.s excuse the scuffing on the left brogue they need a good polish!!