Louise Gray for Topshop

This vastly creative designer Louise Gray has designed a very striking and overly sequined range for high street retailer Topshop!! Each piece is extremely individual and uses vibrant sequins in zig zag designs, using stars and even smiley faces!! There is also some make up products included as well such as sparkly nail vanishes, lipsticks, eye palettes and glitter pots!!! Not sure I could pull these off but all the same they are very dazzling pieces! Enjoy!!

I took some pictures from the Topshop website and mashed then together!!

Glam Outfit

Just a super quick post to show this gorgeous and glam Topshop Outfit and why I love it!! Firstly, the main spectacle- this silvery sparkly, sequiny dress definately catches the eye and it is a great dress to wear when out on the town clubbing and many other social occasions. However, Topshop have gone 1 step further and put this beautiful chiffony lace nude under skirt underneath the dress to give a touch of elegance to the outfit and it now looks like she’s going out for cream tea at the Ritz!! They have finished the look a metallic gold binocular bag and matching pumps- super CLASSY!!