Silk Scarf Head Wrap

As for now the weather here in the UK is pretty decent and as I you can see from my other posts I have a huge mane of curly thick hair so at the moment there’s nothing I like better doing to keep myself cool but to use a patterned silk scarf in a head wrap style!! All I do is fold the scarf into a triangle and then fold and twist into a strip, then starting at the back I wrap the scarf towards the front then I twist the 2 ends and then tie at the back!! I will do a tutorial to explain it better but here is a pic of the scarf head wrap!! Enjoy!!



Scarf Head Wrap

This summer I plan to experiment with my scarfs more- a bit like this girl has done here. I am fully aware that there are thousands of styles you can create with a simple scarf but I just need to discover them. My favourite style to do with a scarf is to usually just chuck it on, tie it in a bow or tie in a knot. However I once did try doing a turban style head wrap like this but could never get it quite right and just looked like an old fashioned washing maid. If any one knows any styles like this or has tips of how I could do them, I would really appreciate any comments to help me expand my knowledge of scarf head wrap styles!!

Coco Marie

Earlier this year I did my work experience at a designer Boutique Coco Marie in Old Amersham and it was a most enjoyable experience. This outift is a tribute to the lovely people I worked with. I purchased this scarf I am wearing whilst I was there and I colours and patterns really compliment one another. However my favourite element of the scarf is the name it is awesome- Electronic sheep!!! I have paired it with my Topshop denim jumpsuit, my vintage timberland aubergine bomber jacket, my vintage cream cardigan with the sleeves rolled over the jacket and some black tights underneath. Hope you like!!!