My BARGAIN Topshop Co-ord Boucle Biker Jacket

Today I made a quick trip to Oxford and I found this jem hidden in the Sale section of Topshop! It was the last one left and here’s the best bit about this jacket- it used to be £95 but I got it for £30 that’s a £65 saving!!!- This for me is incredible and I can’t believe the quality of this garment!! It’s a gorgeous jacket with boucle style fabric and black leather detailing!! It’s ideal for autumn/winter through until spring and I can’t wait to wear it!!- Enjoy!!


New Accessorize Hamsa Hand Necklace

I’m loving my new Accessorize SALE Hamsa Hand Necklace!! I bought it when I went to Oxford and I thought it was a good investment to make as I wear my other one sooo much however it certainly wasn’t a financial investment at a tiny price of £1.20!!! I love the white gold colour and turquoise jems!! In these pictures below there is a typewriter background which is a poster I bought and put into frames for my room!! I will certainly be getting a lot of use out of this cute pendant necklace!- Enjoy!!

SALE Shopping

Yesterday I had a great afternoon SALE shopping with my sister! We went to the Eden in Wycombe and were both very excited to go around the sales in our favourite shops! We started off in Topshop and I bought by sister a swan print bralet for her birthday (blogged about this a while ago)! We then went over to Zara and its was incredible! I tried on lots of things and settled on this wonderful balcony print tee which I have been wanting since it came out- but I’m now very glad I waited. My sister bought some lovely black suede wedges for just £20! We then went to H&M and I bought a rose gold hair band cuff which I discovered on the PersianBabe’s Youtube channel and I will be doing a post on h0w to wear it very soon! I had a great day and can’t wait to wear and style my new purchases!

New Asos SALE Purchases

My Asos package just arrived and oh my goodness, I was so excited for this order! I have received some lovely pieces which are so stylish and great for the summer season! The first piece I have received is this beautiful shirt with burnout- which is basically a plain white shirt with lots of cutout holes! As you can see in the picture they have styled it with a black bandeau underneath however I wanted to fit in with the whole pastel trend so I ordered this beautiful lilac bandeau for the tiny price of £2.50!!! My final purchase was these very on-trend Cat eye sunglasses with contrast highbrow- and they a just stunning and suit me very well which is a very rare thing for me with sunglasses!! I am so frilled with these purchases and more posts will be on the way with styled outfits featuring these beauties- I definitely recommend to check out the Asos SALE- trust me you won’t regret it!! Enjoy!!


I literally couldn’t be more excited there are so many beautiful items in Zara in which I adore but simply can’t afford so with a sale coming tonight this is definitely first on my agenda!! I am obviously not going to stay up until midnight (as I have school tomorrow) but as soon as a wake up or after school I will be straight online searching for some well needed bargains!!!!