The 60’s Beehive Hairstyle

The other day I thought I’d attempt doing a 60’s Beehive hairstyle and surprisingly it turned out quite successfully! This season there is a nod to the 60’s trend throughout clothing, accessories, makeup and hair! Moschino’s Spring Collection is a great example of a runway heavily inspired by the sixties with key trends such as monochrome and bold pop’s of colour. I personally know a lot about the 60’s time period as it was my theme for my GSCE Textiles project where I made a 60’s inspired cape jacket. The beehive is one of the quintessential hairstyles of the swinging sixties where volume is created on the crown of the head through back-combing the hair and using masses of hairspray in many cases. The hugely influential style icon Audrey Hepburn was one of first to showcase this hairstyle and it is now seen as to be one of her trademarks! Many celebrities from the current day have additionally utilised the beehive style but have often put their own personal swing on it. These celebrities include Beyonce, Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel. I hope you like my attempt of this fabulous 60’s hairstyle and there is a picture of it in the centre of the collage with lots of pictures surrounding it! Enjoy!

000000000000000000 beehive edit .jpg

Chanel- “Public Garden” Video

I have just found this video featured on the Elle website and I absolutely adore it! Karl Lagerfeld himself, has directed this black and white short film called “Public Garden” in a silent movie style! His intention of creating this film was to showcase the new Spring/Summer 2013 collection and the clothing worn is truly divine and above all “tres chic”! The video not only exhibits the collection beautifully but also is very witty and has a little story behind it! I strongly advice you to check it out- for me it was a very enjoyable 5 mins!- Enjoy!

Heres the Link:

I also made this collage using some stills from the film:


Image of the Day- Bubble Gum and Dots

Adoring this look from New York fashion week!! The combination of this bubblegum pink bag, monochrome small dotted maxi skirt and chunky gold green and pink jemed cuffs is a dream made up above!! Just a quick Image of the day- Hope you enjoy!! p.s. apologies for lack of posts this week school work has been consuming me!!

Marion Cotillard at London Premiere

Marion Cotillard looks wonderful in this Christian Dior Haute Couture Dress!! She is posing at the London Premiere for The Dark Knight Rises!! The dress is strapless at the top in this wonderful orange pattern and then goes into a midi monochrome patterned skirt!! The dress fits her like a dream and she finishes off the look with red shoes, accesories and lipstick of course!! Enjoy!!

Image of the Day

I have already shared this picture before, in a separate post but it’s so amazing I thought it deserved its own individual post. I saw it again today and I remembered how much I love these 2 monochrome floral pieces (blouse and jeans) and how magically the go together. These are both sold at Topshop and then also do a blazer in the same pattern which I have very much got my eye on. SO LOVELY!!!! ❤

Classic Oversized Coat

This monochrome oversized coat is an absolute classic and stunning piece. I am loving this girls style and the way that 1 item of clothing can make such a statement. I’m not really a black liking girl myself as its not my colour but I would definately consider buying a beauty like this with the white collar as if really balances out the black and stands its ground!! I love how she has styles this outfit aswell with  an huge patent purply clutch, cropped black skinny jeans and these gorgeous cream brogues with a strip of fluff through the middle. This look is very smart and classy but to modernise it slightly I would maybe add colour pop accessories or something patterned to add a little more interest to the outfit. But overall I adore this classic oversized Coat Look!!