Lemnos, Greece 2013

A couple of days ago, I got back from a family holiday in Lemnos, Greece. I had an incredible time, the weather was sublime and there will be some outfit posts following this post coming soon. I also got up to some activities, including: windsurfing, kayaking, Zumba and Aquaerobics, which were so much fun. This post features some snaps I took during the holiday that I thought I’d share. The views were so beautiful and picturesque on the Greek island of Lemnos that I couldn’t help but whip out my camera to document them. These photos feature sunsets, the pool, palm trees, a wild tortoise, striking cliffs overlooking the sea, colourful boats, delicious peach ice tea and the crashing waves. Enjoy!

Greece 2013 220 (2)edit2 .jpg

Greece 2013 190edit .jpg

Greece 2013 308edit .jpg

Greece 2013 264edit .jpg

Greece 2013 130edit .jpg

Greece 2013 216edit .jpg

Greece 2013 097

Greece 2013 340edit .jpg