Statement Jeweled Necklace

This post features my current favourite jewelry piece which I’m pretty obsessed with at the moment. This collar necklace is a great addition to my summer wardrobe and the various encrusted jewels catch and reflect the sun’s rays wonderfully, making it a fab stand-out piece. I wore it for the first time the other day and received lots of compliments from friends- it certainly has the ‘WOW’ factor! I got this necklace from the shop where I work- Shu Shu, a boutique shop which sells shoes and accessories and they currently have lots of statement collar necklaces in store. In addition, I photographed the necklace on an issue of my dad’s Gardens Illustrated Magazine and I love how the necklace stands out against the bright fuchsia flowers- Hope you like- Enjoy!

necklaces 024


necklaces 030

Something’s Bugging me…..

For my birthday my lovely sister gifted me this beautiful beetle/bug silver and green jem stone necklace from Ted Baker. I’ve been looking for jewelery with bugs on for ages but never quite found what I was looking for! She got it from an Outlet Village called Bicester Village where she works at Ralph Lauren. I absolutely adore this necklace as it gives a quirky yet elegant touch to an outfit and it is a very simple, classic piece on this long silver chain. It also came in this gorgeous Ted Baker duster bag which is a great way to keep it protected. I have put it with a couple of pieces here. The first is from a previous post with a Topshop shirt and the second it is paired with a floral Zara Blouse! I hope you like!- Enjoy!

beetle and doll 005

beetle and doll 012

16th birthday and London 169

Photoshoot with Olivia 037

Asos Cut Stone Linked-Collar Tips

I recently purchased these lovely cut stone linked-collar tips and I absolutely adore them!! They add that extra zing to an outfit and pizzaz up any shirt!! They only cost £6 and they are so cute! Here are a few pictures of them on a simple basic white silk shirt and denim jumpsuit!!

Unlock the secrets…

I just thought I’d share this necklace with you which I wore the other day with a burgundy Jack Wills Tunic and plain white tee underneath!! I got this necklace from a clothes swap event that we did at school and I swapped some old clothes for this necklace and a few other items! The necklace is very vintage looking with a series of rusty gold keys hung onto gold chunky and thin chains!! It’s a fab statement piece and I hope you like it!! Enjoy!!