hamsa hand

New Accessorize Hamsa Hand Necklace

I’m loving my new Accessorize SALE Hamsa Hand Necklace!! I bought it when I went to Oxford and I thought it was a good investment to make as I wear my other one sooo much however it certainly wasn’t a financial investment at a tiny price of £1.20!!! I love the white gold colour and turquoise jems!! In these pictures below there is a typewriter background which is a poster I bought and put into frames for my room!! I will certainly be getting a lot of use out of this cute pendant necklace!- Enjoy!!

Summery Look- Paisley Print Harem Trousers

This is a summery look post featuring these Paisley print harem trousers which I recently purchased from La Redoute in the SALE for a bargain price. They really fit into the pyjama style trend as they are baggy with this summery Paisley print pattern. I have styled them with this tan tie up top from Topshop, my accessorize Hamsa Hand gold necklace and my favourite shoes of all time which are these amazing loather style patent caramel flatforms!!- They are so comfortable to walk in and are my subsitute to heels!! Hope you like this look!!



This post is to show what I am currently wearing today!! Today, I’m wearing a casual outfit as I’m just revising at home but I have added some shoes which are officially my new rock which I would wear if I was going out they make the outfit that bit more dressy!! Firstly, I am wearing this basic rounded collar white shirt from La Redoute and over it this Fairisle grey and white patterned cardigan with these super cute heart pockets!! Underneath the collar of my shirt I am wearing my Accessorize gold Hamsa Hand necklace which I wear extremely frequently so I’m sure you have all seen!! Then I’m wearing my Levi’s jeans which I bought for a bargain price when in America earlier this year I adore them and they are not skinnies(as they don’t suit me) but are a suitable tightness on the leg!! So to finish off this outfit I thought it needed a touch of added GLAM- so I have added my recently purchased Office caramel patent flatforms which have a tassel on the front!! I could not love these shoes anymore and they are so smart and easy to walk in and are definitely my replacement of heels which absolutely kill me!! Enjoy!!


This post is to show you what I’m wearing today- Today I am wearing firstly my rose gold H&M chocker necklace, I am then wearing my La Redoute denim jacket with a cream fluffy collar, then I am wearing this printed Comic relief t-shirt which has pictures of old men on it and I recently cut of the sleeves. I am lastly wearing these sandy chinos with black strips along the side which are from La redoute. I wore this outfit to dance this morning but when I came back I swapped the trousers for my Levi’s jeans and instead of the chocker this hamsa hand necklace from Accessorize. I have also taken my hair down from my ballet bun so the second outfit is a lot more relaxed for doing work at home. Enjoy!!! p.s. sorry about the creasing on the trousers!!


Side view


I thought I would share what I am wearing today, I’m not going out today just studying and working on my new blog which I hope everyone is enjoying! This outfit includes a small necklace with a hamsa hand which is a current trend at the mo’, it is gold and I think very cute- it was £4 from accessorize! I am also wearing a vintage sky blue sleeveless shirt. Then there is my zara fairisle cardigan with a little house and people pattern and heart shaped pockets. Then there is my gorgeous tan leather fossil cluth bag which I picked up whilst in America, it is actually mens but I love it so much and it also has an elegant fine check lining. I love wearing this outfit around the house with my levi jeans or it can be dressed up by adding my caramel topshop pleat shirt and maybe my aubergine bomber jacket.