Random Post- Recycling leads to endless possibilities…

Someone shared this the other day on Facebook and I thought it was soooo cool!!! She has simply recycled an old plastic bottle by dipping it in pink paint to create this beautiful but delicate painting of a blossom tree!! I’m really tempted to give it a go!!! ūüôā

More Nail ART!!

I have just discovered these 3 wonderful nail designs through the Superdrug¬†Facebook page and aren’t they brilliant!! The first is this giraffe patterned one and it looks really 3D and textured with the brown marbly¬†blobs! The second is this super cute hello kitty design which I adore and the last¬†uses a¬†pink ombre effect¬†with a¬†blue aztec summery print!! Hope you enjoy!


Random Post- Jolie Petite Phone Cases

This is a really random post but I have just discovered this amazing shop on which sells these incredible customized phone cases and even head phones! The designs are so cute and each one is completely individual- they would make the ultimate fashion accessory and add some extra personality to your phone- definitely check out her shop on Etsy:! Enjoy!

Textiles Art Deco Skirt Project

I am currently doing Textiles GCSE¬†and I have nearly completed my first year. Our first project of the year was to make a baby pinafore dress but the one I have just finished was to design and make an Art Deco inspired skirt. Here are some pictures of my completed skirt-¬†the background fabric is this lovely nude colour and then there are some appliqued¬†and reverse appliqued¬†triangles sewn on and some beading on the front. Also on the front there is this gold and black panel and on the back there are black traingles¬†down the sides. There are also 2 darts inserted on each side, a waistband and a turn over hem with pom pom ribbon sewn into it!! It’s taken me so long to make and a lot of hard work but hopefully it will be worth it and it’s¬†a fun, dressy piece and looks great paired with a plain black or white cami! Hope you like it!!

Nail Art Inspiration

I know I have done about 2 nails posts before but I have become so drawn into how many amazing designs people can create on the tiny surface area that is our nails. I have uploaded a series of pictures below of more nail art designs: all of which are so intricate and range from bananas to rainbows!! Enjoy!!

Harper’s BAZAAR

This is my pic of the day such a¬†beautiful and eye-catching¬†picture again take from marillo’s¬†blog¬†loving all the bright colours and statues and flowers such a lovely picture!!! I have also always loved the magazine Harper’s Bazaar and I remember as a child always stealing it off my mother all the time!! LOVE THIS PIC!!

Denim taken to its LIMIT- Street Style

This street style look takes denim to its limits. It is so wacky and crazy but I can’t help to slightly love it.This girl has customized an oversized jacket by basically sticking junky all over it. The things which have been stuck on- range from staples, keys, mickey mouse, springs to¬†geese¬†and various other mini toys and random objects. Its sort of like and¬†modern artform¬†but¬†the reason why I admire this person’s style is that each of the objects might represent a memory or part of¬†her personality and I¬†believe that everyone should express themself through¬†their clothing. But what do you think towards this madness???


This watch is a true art form and I admire its craftmanship. It is by Chanel and is mainly this GORGEOUS pearly white colour with this tile detailing down the strap. Then they have added some breath-taking crystals and silver hands- so GLAM. I have been looking for my ideal watch for ages now and I love the gold Casio ones and the cute vintage tan strap oneS. This one is lovely and it is obviously out of my price range but if I keep trying and hope, I will find my perfect watch someday!!!! The photography with the feathers in the background is so stunning aswell!!