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Asos Future Stylist Candidate

This is another post linked to the Asos future stylist competition and this is another candidate which un-fortunately didn’t make it to the final 2 but I still couldn’t love her style anymore. This look is very simplistic so therefore not fussy- its such a chic and smart look- so summery!! The outfit consists of this white roll neck crop top which I’m pretty sure is from American Apparel. Then she is wearing the beautiful royal blue maxi skirt. She has not been at all OTT with the accessories she has added some white rimmed sunnies, geometric gold statement ring, some matching royal blue nail vanish and these amazing blue suede flatforms!!! Her hair is also in a big top knot- such a STRIKING outfit!!!

Acid Wash Denim Shorts- American Apparel

This shorts are LUSH!! They are from American Apparel and are this gorgeous acid wash style and extreme high-waisted= LOVE. The colour is perfect as I always go for a more bluey tone of denim rather than really dark or light denim. It looks great with this basic green tee and would look lovely with pretty much any garment and especially good with sleeveless shirts and collar tips!! I only have 1 decent pair of denim shorts at the moment from Topshop which are high-waisted, of course!! And I feel I may need to invest in some new ones preferably these, for the up-coming Summer season!!

Dalmation Dog Jumper

Just a super quick post to show how much I’m adoring this Topshop Dalmation jumper!! This print jumper is of such a cute dalmation with a red bow. It looks gorgeous with this white shirt with the collar over the jumper. This girl has then paired it with something lacey but not sure what type of clothing it is. I personally think it would look fab with wet look leggings or American Apparel disco pants and an oversized purple or red clutch to really set it of!! Enjoy!!

Oversized Tailoring

I adore this oversized tailoring look with the main feature of this beautiful mustard long blazer. A simple fairly long white button up shirt has been added and this beautful orange/brown colour palette patterne midi skirt with narrow pleats. There are no accessories shown but I think maybe a tan brown oversized clutch would really finish off the outfit- the American Apparel clutches would look especially lovely. The colours compliment each other perfectly. This look is really classy and androgynous inspired with a feminine twist!! Hope you like!!


The Classic Stripe Shirt

I really appreciate a classic stripe shirt and also love it when they are customised with studs, have croppped sleeves or other design features added. American Apparel do some stunning and cute button up stripes shirts with t-shirt length sleeves in all sorts of colours.  They would look great tucked into high-waisted shorts or maybe if your feeling adventurace with patterned leggings. The next shirt I’m liking a lot is this sheer striped shirt with dip sides which can be tied or hung loose which are a quirky and statement addition. I love how versatial they are and Imight have to ask my Dad if I can experiment with some of his!!!

American Apparel baby blue stripe

American Apparel blue fade stripe

American Apparel Baggy Purple Stripe

Asos dip sides

Pretty Florals

I adore florals and I’m sure a lot of others do, they can sometimes be a subtle girly touch or a bold and bright statement print. I usually wear more florals which are from a pastel pallette and are lighter, as I tend to wear more in the summer however they can also look nice as a twist on some more masculine pieces. Take pallazzo pants both pairs I own have a floral print one with bright pinks and yellows and the other monochrome. They can be clashed if the rules are followed and I love the look of floral skinny jeans with an oversized chunky jumper, marl grey t-shirt or fitted white crop top. American apparel have some gorgeous floral pieces and this is a picture of 2 beautiful garments with the same lilacy floral print, but one on a shirt dress and the other on a maxi skirt- Lovely!!

American Apparel Model

Just a super quick post to do with this model I think is great who models for American Apparel. Lets just start with stating that I am very agaisnt some of American Apparel’s photography as it is very innapropriate at times and well lets just say nude!! However, there is a model I have noticed whilst browsing who I think is really fresh and gorgeous. I’m loving her long curly hair and her overall look and I also like the fact that she isn’t majorly skinny and is just healthy and really sells American Apparel clothes sucessfully and doesn’t give the wrong message like some other models!!