OOTD- Summery Floral Dress and Butterflies

Just a quick outfit post, to show what I wore today, meeting up with some friends. I bought this dress a few years ago from Jack Wills and I love the style, floral print and the ruffle along the hem adds a girly feel to the dress. I have accessorized my outfit with a long chain bird cage pendant necklace from Accessorize. My bag is a two-tone tan bag from Clothes show live and my gladiator sandals are from La Redoute. It was a lovely sunny day today and I also caught a pic of a beautiful butterfly resting on a flower that I thought I’d share as well. Enjoy!

OTTD and Views 009edit .jpg

OTTD and Views 005edit .jpg

OTTD and Views 025edit .jpg

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OTTD and Views 015edit .jpg

OTTD and Views 029edit .jpg

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A Glorious Sunny Day- Windsor

Today, I went out to Windsor with the family and we had a delicious lunch at Carluccio’s and did a spot of shopping afterwards. What made the day about 100 times better, was that the sun had decided to come out for once, instead of another gloomy day of British un-predictable weather! Today, I wore a Topshop white patterned short-sleeved shirt, with an Asos lilac bandeau underneath, then I am wearing an Asos light pink, scalloped hem mini skirt, Accessorize pearl earrings and my trusty Office caramel loather flatforms. I am also carrying my camera case in some of the pictures and I also had my Pull and Bear, china print bomber jacket on at some points! I also took some pictures of Windsor Castle- I had a great day and I hope you all also had a glorious sunny day to enjoy!

Windsor and stuff 093 edit .jpg

Windsor and stuff 098 edit .jpg

Windsor and stuff 085 edit .jpg

Windsor and stuff 086 edit .jpg

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Windsor and stuff 067 edit .jpg

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OOTD- Day out in London

Last weekend, I went to London with my family to celebrate my 16th birthday. We went out for lunch and the spicy calamari was delish! Shortly after we visited the Valentino Master of Couture Exhibition at Somerset house!- The exhibition was marvelous with endless rows of Valentino’s show-stoppers released over the years, my favourite’s being mainly from the 60’s! In addition, there was also one of this wedding dresses made for a bride at a high status wedding- the work put into the dress was exceptional with infinite types of lace and embellishment delicately hand sewn all over. As I strolled through the exhibition I then came across many tutorial videos demonstrating how to create some of the dazzling embellishments and decorative techniques used on some of his garments. The exhibition for me successfully presented the talent of Valentino and he should be strongly admired for this work over the years. On this fantastic day I wore, a Topshop white short-sleeved blouse, Topshop camel skater skirt, grey tights, La Redoute duffel coat, my Coco Marie scarf, Accessorize pearl earrings and a Ted Baker beetle jem necklace!- Hope you like! Also I hope you’ll all be noticing a difference in my picture quality as I got a new camera for my b-day!

Valentino Flower

Valentino Flower

16th birthday and London 169

16th birthday and London 167

Somerset House

Somerset House

New Accessorize Hamsa Hand Necklace

I’m loving my new Accessorize SALE Hamsa Hand Necklace!! I bought it when I went to Oxford and I thought it was a good investment to make as I wear my other one sooo much however it certainly wasn’t a financial investment at a tiny price of £1.20!!! I love the white gold colour and turquoise jems!! In these pictures below there is a typewriter background which is a poster I bought and put into frames for my room!! I will certainly be getting a lot of use out of this cute pendant necklace!- Enjoy!!


This post is to show what I am currently wearing today!! Today, I’m wearing a casual outfit as I’m just revising at home but I have added some shoes which are officially my new rock which I would wear if I was going out they make the outfit that bit more dressy!! Firstly, I am wearing this basic rounded collar white shirt from La Redoute and over it this Fairisle grey and white patterned cardigan with these super cute heart pockets!! Underneath the collar of my shirt I am wearing my Accessorize gold Hamsa Hand necklace which I wear extremely frequently so I’m sure you have all seen!! Then I’m wearing my Levi’s jeans which I bought for a bargain price when in America earlier this year I adore them and they are not skinnies(as they don’t suit me) but are a suitable tightness on the leg!! So to finish off this outfit I thought it needed a touch of added GLAM- so I have added my recently purchased Office caramel patent flatforms which have a tassel on the front!! I could not love these shoes anymore and they are so smart and easy to walk in and are definitely my replacement of heels which absolutely kill me!! Enjoy!!


This post is to show you what I’m wearing today- Today I am wearing firstly my rose gold H&M chocker necklace, I am then wearing my La Redoute denim jacket with a cream fluffy collar, then I am wearing this printed Comic relief t-shirt which has pictures of old men on it and I recently cut of the sleeves. I am lastly wearing these sandy chinos with black strips along the side which are from La redoute. I wore this outfit to dance this morning but when I came back I swapped the trousers for my Levi’s jeans and instead of the chocker this hamsa hand necklace from Accessorize. I have also taken my hair down from my ballet bun so the second outfit is a lot more relaxed for doing work at home. Enjoy!!! p.s. sorry about the creasing on the trousers!!


Side view