Plum Studded Anthropologie Hat

A few weeks ago I went to London and did some shopping on Kings Road. I went into this beautiful shop called “Anthropologie” and came across this beautiful Plum studded felt hat! This was one of my christmas presents from my parents and I absolutely adore it! Above all my favourite feature about it is that it is such a statement piece and adds a dash of elegance to any outfit! The small silver rounded studs are also another fab feature!I thought I’d share it with you and I hope you like it too- Enjoy!

hats woop

hat love 036


Marvelous Moo Sunglasses

I will first apologise for the limited amount of posts recently and this is due to me having LOADS of Januray Mock exams- which has been horrible! However, I only have 3 to go next week so from Friday onwards the posts will hopefully start becoming more regular again. I thought I might do a quick little post! The other day I found this picture on the Elle facebook page of these gorgeous “Moo Sunglasses”! I adore them especially because of the lovely decorative finishes in mint green, baby blue, white, bright yellow and coral pink! My sunglasses are really dull compared to these ones as these are really innovative and colourful and I feel if I owned a pair they would be making a fashion statement in themselves, not just for protecting your eyes from the sun! I think if I were to buy these I would get the white ones as I think they would look fabulous in the summer (paired with freshly tanned skin- as if?) and would probably match with a larger majority of outfits! What’s your favourite?- Enjoy!

00000 colourful moo glasses- elle

Unlock the secrets…

I just thought I’d share this necklace with you which I wore the other day with a burgundy Jack Wills Tunic and plain white tee underneath!! I got this necklace from a clothes swap event that we did at school and I swapped some old clothes for this necklace and a few other items! The necklace is very vintage looking with a series of rusty gold keys hung onto gold chunky and thin chains!! It’s a fab statement piece and I hope you like it!! Enjoy!!

Silk Scarf Head Wrap

As for now the weather here in the UK is pretty decent and as I you can see from my other posts I have a huge mane of curly thick hair so at the moment there’s nothing I like better doing to keep myself cool but to use a patterned silk scarf in a head wrap style!! All I do is fold the scarf into a triangle and then fold and twist into a strip, then starting at the back I wrap the scarf towards the front then I twist the 2 ends and then tie at the back!! I will do a tutorial to explain it better but here is a pic of the scarf head wrap!! Enjoy!!



Embellished Collars- ooooh they’re good!

I am absolutely obsessed with embellished collars as they add so much personality and glamour to an outfit and can also be made very sustainably by using only safety pins, studs and getting creative with junk found around the house!! Loads of the celebrities have been rocking them and they are definately one of my favourite trends and they can look great worn with a printed t-shirt!! The very on-trend ones at the moment as well are with big chunky jems on them as shown by Moschino! Enjoy!

Pictures: Google Images

Jemmed collar

Gold studded collar

Cute peachy collar

Pearl embellished collar

Junk embellished collar

Jem embellished collar

Hailee Steinfeld

Alexander Mcqueen Knucklebasher Clutches

The Alexander Mcqueen Knucklebasher Clutches are an absolute classic of this famous designer!! They make an ultimate accesory for a night out as are just the right size, with lots of added bling and are easy to carry with the Knucklebasher 4 hole ring on the top!! They come in all sorts of colours and styles and a lot of them have the iconic Alexander Mcqueen gold skulls on them!! Here are some examples- Hope you like!!