Street Style- My Cousins

Hey guys! A street style post today based around my cousins’ style. My cousins Hannah (12 years) and Benny (7 years) come to England every summer and we go to the coast as a family- this year we stayed in Newquay, Cornwall. Hannah and Benny live in Berlin, Germany and are bilingual as my uncle is English and my auntie is German. It still truly amazes me how quickly they can switch from English to German and then back into English! I thought it would be a fun idea to do a blog post on their style and so I took photos of some outfits which Hannah and Benny wore whilst we were on holiday together- Enjoy!


When Hannah was younger she embraced German style which involved odd socks, long tunic tops worn with leggings underneath and clashing prints. However, especially this year, I’ve noticed that her style has changed. As with many pre-teens and teens living Europe, her style is sporty and predominantly casual but I think elements such as the denim boiler suit, printed crop top and feminine white dress are more typical of British style. Therefore, her style is a fusion of German and British which signifies that both German and British culture have influenced Hannah’s clothing choices. Hannah always does lots of shopping whilst she is in the UK and her favourite shops are River Island, Topshop and Next. For Hannah, her Topshop high-waisted black jeans are staple and she pairs them with crop tops, oversized sweaters, hoodies and sporty bomber jacket. Here are five outfits that she wore whilst in Cornwall:


Outfit 1

Hannah paired Topshop high-waisted black jeans with monochrome butterfly crop t-shirt. Straw hat from &OtherStories and Clarks block heels were both borrowed stolen from my sister which demonstrates that Hannah often wants to replicate my sister and I’s style.

Newquay 2015 201


Outfit 2

On a chillier day in Cornwall Hannah threw on light wash denim boiler suit/jumpsuit with drawstring waist which really suits her and is a very versatile and stand-out piece. To finish off the look, she opted for peach hoodie and Nike trainers.

Newquay 2015 164


Outfit 3

It’s those black jeans again- this time styled with grey sweater with fun floral peace print. The oversized sweater works well with skinny jeans in order to balance out the silhouette and Nike trainers are the perfect choice of shoes for this look.

Newquay 2015 184


Outfit 4

This look is probably my favourite as Hannah just looks so cute in this white button up dress from Element. Paired with vibrant yellow beach bag and coral Toms espadrilles it’s an ideal outfit for a sunny day.

Newquay 2015 018


Outfit 5

I just love Hannah’s bomber jacket from Hummel, a German sportswear company and she chose to wear it with her Topshop black jeans and underneath she is wearing New Look stripey crop top with peter pan collar which was a hand-me-down from me. Earlier in the day she was wearing purple flip flops but later on changed into her coral Toms.

Newquay 2015 311



Benny is only 7 so his style hasn’t changed as much as Hannah’s has in recent years but similarly to Hannah, his style is sporty and he’s not afraid of experimenting with colour. His interests also come through in his clothing for example his England Football polo shirt. I didn’t manage to take as many photos of Benny’s outfits as he was slightly less willing than Hannah but here are three outfits that he wore whilst on holiday:


Outfit 1

Benny wore this outfit on a cold windy day and he layered a green hoodie with Vaude red and green waterproof jacket. Then, he added turquoise skinny jeans and light grey Converse.

Newquay 2015 171


Outfit 2

This outfit works well through the pairing different tones of blue- navy polo shirt and light blue shorts.

Newquay 2015 299


Outfit 3

I’m in love with Benny’s new River Island t-shirt which has a maroon, light grey and white section in marl effect fabric- I’d quite like it for myself! His turquoise jeans look great with the maroon in the t-shirt and grey Converse complete the look.

Newquay 2015 195


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