Month: January 2014

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I have recently rekindled my love for Pinterest and I love finding inspirational images which make me feel warm and fuzzy inside! I would love it if you could follow me on Pinterest, you can either search Anna Lucia Mattei under Pinners or CLICK HERE to follow me! If you choose to follow me expect to see a lot of my style icons, from Audrey Hepburn to Alexa Chung, my favourite fashion bloggers, fashion quotes, gorgeous hairstyle inspirations, China Print crockery and many more. Also, I have a board on Pinterest called Vintage Vicar where I put images from my blog!-Happy pinning!



OOTD- Life is a great sunrise

Hey guys! Today’s post is an OOTD featuring my trusty Zara oversized coat which I also wore in my last outfit post. I got ready really quickly this morning so that I could take some photos whilst the sun was rising and luckily I was just in time! With my tan coat I chose to wear my Topshop short-sleeved silky t-shirt with a check and floral half and half pattern and I clashed it with my Topshop burgundy velvet floral shorts. Then I added Zara caramel thin belt, M&S thick grey tights and Clarks black shoes. I completed the look with a plaited hair-do which is a fab solution for a bad hair day and if any one wants to see a tutorial on how to create this hairstyle just comment saying so! It’s been a lovely sunny day today and it has been a refreshing change to the horrible raining weather we’ve been having recently. I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend!-Hope you like- Enjoy!

OOTF 22 016edit2222

OOTF 22 051edit2222 .jpg

OOTF 22 004edit .jpg

OOTF 22 001edit .jpg

OOTF 22 017edit .jpg

OOTF 22 045edit2222

OOTF 22 032edit .jpg

OOTF 22 057edit .jpg

OOTF 22 037

OOTF 22 031edit222 .jpg

OOTF 22 061edit .jpg

Outfits of 2013

Happy New Year to everyone! This post is to celebrate the year of 2013 as I thought I’d scroll through the outfit posts that I did in 2013 and make collages showing the different looks that I put together- not only do I look quite different, transitioning from January to December, but you can probably notice where the image quality improves when I got my DSLR for my birthday in March! I love doing OOTD’s, they are one of my favourite posts to do and with 20 looks in 2013, look forward to seeing more creations in 2014. My New Years Resolution this year is to cut down on the chocolate however I’m not sure how successful it’s going to be- What’s yours?- Enjoy!

The looks go from my most recent OOTD in December to my first outfit of 2013 in January:

2013 overview

2013 overview 3