Harrods Christmas Window Display 2013

Come down to the luxury department store ‘Harrods’, London and gaze in amazement at their new Christmas window display, inspired by the classic British steam rail. “The Harrods Christmas Express”  elegantly stretches around the whole store, with each window featuring a different cabin of the train, of course filled with some of Harrods’ most magnificent couture gowns, draped over mannequins in ornate sets. It took a team of 50 people over 500 to create this masterpiece and Harrods’ 2013 display couldn’t be more magical and it boasts that warm Christmas feel. Every year, Harrods’ Christmas display attracts thousands of shoppers worldwide and I’ll be definitely be catching a train to London, to go and feast my eyes on it!- See you there?- Enjoy!




article-2488250-1939419E00000578-11_964x1014Images: Copyright Harrods, taken from dailymail.co.uk





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