Prom 2013

Yesterday, I had my Year 11 Prom and after months of preparation, the night of the 10th May 2013 arose… I previously shared a picture of my Prom dress on my blog and in this post I have included many pictures of the final outfit! I am wearing a Topshop off the shoulder structured blue dress with this beautiful lace pattern. For heels, I am wearing these M&S blush pink patent sandal style heels. Then for accessories I am holding this cream clutch bag which is embellished with pearls all over it and for earrings I am wearing these statement vintage silver crystal ones! I have styled my hair in a half up beehive style, I am wearing Superdrug fake eyelashes, my lipstick is in the colour Rosewood from Terre d’Oc and my nail vanish is in the colour Rosedust from Marvella. I adore my outfit and I feel it gives off a very vintage and feminine vibe. My friends dresses are from Coast and TK Max. I really hope you like my outfit and this post- enjoy!

Prom 2013 113edit3 .jpg

Prom 2013 144edit3 .jpg (2)

Prom 2013 120

Prom 2013 249edit .jpg

Prom 2013 106edit .jpg

Prom 2013 088

Prom 2013 251edit .jpg

Prom 2013 205

Prom 2013 140

Prom 2013 185

Prom 2013 163edit7.jpg



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