The PROM Dress

This is my Prom Dress! It is an off the shoulder dress from Topshop and I will be wearing it for my Year 11 Prom on the 10th of May! I couldn’t be more over joyed to now have this hanging in my wardrobe as I had a pretty hard time trying to get it and I thought I’d share my experience with you! Well I saw this dress and instantly fell in love with the colour, design and style but I thought, no I’ll sleep on it and buy it tomorrow! So when I came back the next day I was devastated to see that my size was out of stock and was very surprised as of why it was, because it had only be released a few days ago. Consequently, I checked stores to see if any had it in my size and they only had it in the Oxford Circus Store, London. London is about an hour and a half away from me but luckily I was planning to go there the following weekend. So when that day came, I made my way to Oxford Circus, however they didn’t have it on the shop floor and so I rushed over to an assistant and she went to check the stock room. After what seemed like days of waiting she came out with the last size 8 in the whole country and my precious prom dress was mine! I am planning to wear it with silver statement earrings, a peachy/nude lip, a sophisticated up-do, suede heels and clutch!- I love it and it looks so good on- Tell me what you think!- Enjoy!

topshop dress


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