Autumn Look- Pleather and Cute Dog Scarf

Autumn, the time where the leaves fall from the trees and Jack Frost beckons, rich oranges, reds, browns and yellows fill the ground with Winter not far to be found!! Yesterday, I went into the garden and did a series of Autumn Looks which I will be uploading every weekend for a couple of weeks! All the looks use autumn colours and hues and I have made use of the garden before my dad gets the leaf blower out haha! I have just received a La Redoute order so quite a lot of the items will be from there! Here I am wearing a La Redoute oversized baggy forest green top with this cute very old caramel coloured scarf with a cute little dog on it!! Then for the main spectacle I am wearing this gorgeous La Redoute high-waisted burgundy skirt with a pleather central panel and to finish off I am wearing some thick navy tights and vintage patent navy loathers! Hope you like this look and I hope you are all enjoying the Autumn Season!!- Enjoy!!



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