Patchwork Print Dress

When in Ireland I visited a great shopping centre called Dundrum in Dublin!! They had every shop you could think of on a big scale so my mum, my sister and I made a day of shopping within it!! I managed to maintain myself and settled for this lovely patchwork pattern dress with cutout from Topshop for just 25 euros so around £19.60!! I was extremely relieved as I was considering buying this full price after seeing Beibei Wu from BeiLoveBei wearing it and she looked lovely!! As she said it has many similarities to the Miu Miu prints- which is always a bonus !! I have styled it simply with my Office caramel patent flatforms and my Maltese cross necklace!! In the last 2 pictures I have hung the dress on my favourite hanger which says “Never too many” which I feel strongly applies to these kinds of dresses!! I hope you like this look and definately check out Beibei Wu’s styling of it:


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