Month: August 2012

Theme Park Casual Look

Yesterday I visited Legoland Windsor and had a fabulous day, I’ve been going there since I was 3 and it’s excitement never fades!! I thought I’d do I quick OOTD to show you what I would generally wear to a theme park!! Underneath I’m wearing a River Island “BONJOUR” tee with a sequined moustache, my Topshop high-waisted denim shorts and some black tights! I then added a vintage cream cardigan and a Boden navy rain jacket of my mothers!! I got really wet on all the rides so I’m glad I had this rain coat!! It’s nothing special but a good outfit that you don’t mind getting drenched in!! Enjoy!!

A little Lego Sculpture!!

My BARGAIN Topshop Co-ord Boucle Biker Jacket

Today I made a quick trip to Oxford and I found this jem hidden in the Sale section of Topshop! It was the last one left and here’s the best bit about this jacket- it used to be £95 but I got it for £30 that’s a £65 saving!!!- This for me is incredible and I can’t believe the quality of this garment!! It’s a gorgeous jacket with boucle style fabric and black leather detailing!! It’s ideal for autumn/winter through until spring and I can’t wait to wear it!!- Enjoy!!


Snake Skin Skinnies- Street Style

I’m loving this street style look from the Asos facebook page which incorporates these very elegant snake skin skinnies!!! This fashionista has styled them with a basic white skirt, a burgundy light knit jumper and this fabulous sunny yellow cambridge satchel- its a great look for back to school!! In addition, she is also wearing some subtle silver jewelry which really compliments the snake skin!!- Enjoy!!

The problems involved with having a large head…

I recently went shopping on 2 occasions when I experienced some problems linked with having a big head and massive hair!! The first time, was a while back when I was trying on a top in Zara which was my size and I was trying to get it on but it just wouldn’t budge over my head and the second time I was in Topshop and the exact same thing happened!! I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but I’m certainly a bit annoyed about these shops being prejudice towards slightly larger headed individuals!! Sorry for such a random post but what do you think????

Picture: blogspot

Louise Gray for Topshop

This vastly creative designer Louise Gray has designed a very striking and overly sequined range for high street retailer Topshop!! Each piece is extremely individual and uses vibrant sequins in zig zag designs, using stars and even smiley faces!! There is also some make up products included as well such as sparkly nail vanishes, lipsticks, eye palettes and glitter pots!!! Not sure I could pull these off but all the same they are very dazzling pieces! Enjoy!!

I took some pictures from the Topshop website and mashed then together!!

Asos Cut Stone Linked-Collar Tips

I recently purchased these lovely cut stone linked-collar tips and I absolutely adore them!! They add that extra zing to an outfit and pizzaz up any shirt!! They only cost £6 and they are so cute! Here are a few pictures of them on a simple basic white silk shirt and denim jumpsuit!!

DIY- Cute Girly Bow Tie

Today I whipped up this cute little nude bow tie with just a few scrap materials!! All you need to do is find some stretchy jersey material and cut out 1 strip of the material at whatever measurements you want- mine is 3 inches wide and 30 inches long but you can always trim it later on to get the length you want!! Then you can stretch the material and tie in a bow making sure the ends come out quite long!! Then you can find a cute button or embellishment and just hand sew onto the centre of the bow!! Then take some ribbon and thread it through the back loop of the bow and your done!! It’s very simple to do and they look great tied under silk shirts!!- Enjoy!!