Yes, Its My Boyfriend’s

Today’s post feature is to do with the AW12 Season Preview for Topshop! This was released fairly recently and the collection is all linked to oversized tailoring and “boyfriend” style jackets and coats- These are then paired with feminine twist clothing to make a very interesting oversized look! Although, these items are sold in the women’s department of Topshop and not Topman the adrogynous edge to them is supposed to suggest that you could have borrowed it off a boyfriend or male in your life and styled it to make it your own! I personally adore some of the items within the collection as they are very smart and definitely add a unique and personal interest to an outfit!! So would you steal your boyfriends clothes?



  1. As the Fashion Mister and I share the house and closet space I don’t think of it as stealing but as borrowing. 🙂
    Have done so with his jeans and will be borrowing a brown suede jacket today!
    If he wore button-down shirts to work I would probably borrow those too. 🙂

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