The Kooples is an amazing shop I had heard of before but my friend Tosti ( we call her by her surname) has recently been encouraging me to go and experience its diverse beauty!! So, yesterday I went and checked out their online website and I was almost in a state of shock in how stunning their collection is!! Although pretty pricey the quality is truly amazing and I think I will definitely save up for a key piece of theirs!! Anyway enough chit chat, what I have done is selected some of my favourite pieces from their current collection and ones I feel you will adore too!! So, enjoy and I definitely recommend you go and check their website out: and I will put descriptions under each piece!!

Beautiful khaki parka jacket

Lilacy blue hot pant short

White collared shirt top

Mint tight pleated skirt

Caramel leather quilted jacket with zip details

Studded cream moccasin shoes

Stunning lilac pastel shirt

Zesty lemon suit jacket

Pink central panel shirt

White lace jacket