Month: June 2012

Textiles Art Deco Skirt Project

I am currently doing Textiles GCSE and I have nearly completed my first year. Our first project of the year was to make a baby pinafore dress but the one I have just finished was to design and make an Art Deco inspired skirt. Here are some pictures of my completed skirt- the background fabric is this lovely nude colour and then there are some appliqued and reverse appliqued triangles sewn on and some beading on the front. Also on the front there is this gold and black panel and on the back there are black traingles down the sides. There are also 2 darts inserted on each side, a waistband and a turn over hem with pom pom ribbon sewn into it!! It’s taken me so long to make and a lot of hard work but hopefully it will be worth it and it’s a fun, dressy piece and looks great paired with a plain black or white cami! Hope you like it!!

Topshop Scandi Girl

Topshop have released a new collection featuring garments and accessories inspired by the trend Scandi Girl. The sort of themes within this trend are things such as fairisle patterns, chunky knits, fur, lace jackets and many more. I think it’s a great funky trend and its available to buy now although we are in the middle of summer!! However, I think we have all accepted our British summer is going to be a bit of a mix due to climate change so maybe we’ll all have to be wearing our warmest winter clothes in the middle of July!! But who knows??- our weather conditions are completely un-predictable!! Enjoy!!

OOTD- Summery Print Trousers

Just a quick OOTD for today- it’s been super hot today and as soon as I got back from school I grabbed a magnum icecream, rushed into the shower and changed into some cool summery clothes! This is a very casual outfit but the patterned trousers are very on trend at the moment. The top I’m wearing is this white basic top from Topshop and was £10 and the trousers are a recent purchase from La Redoute in the sale and were around £20- the trousers are great for hot weather as the material is very light and floaty and they have a great chunky waistband and tie and the pattern is amazing with white and blue as the colours!! Enjoy!!


I literally couldn’t be more excited there are so many beautiful items in Zara in which I adore but simply can’t afford so with a sale coming tonight this is definitely first on my agenda!! I am obviously not going to stay up until midnight (as I have school tomorrow) but as soon as a wake up or after school I will be straight online searching for some well needed bargains!!!!


Yes, Its My Boyfriend’s

Today’s post feature is to do with the AW12 Season Preview for Topshop! This was released fairly recently and the collection is all linked to oversized tailoring and “boyfriend” style jackets and coats- These are then paired with feminine twist clothing to make a very interesting oversized look! Although, these items are sold in the women’s department of Topshop and not Topman the adrogynous edge to them is supposed to suggest that you could have borrowed it off a boyfriend or male in your life and styled it to make it your own! I personally adore some of the items within the collection as they are very smart and definitely add a unique and personal interest to an outfit!! So would you steal your boyfriends clothes?

Nail Art Inspiration

I know I have done about 2 nails posts before but I have become so drawn into how many amazing designs people can create on the tiny surface area that is our nails. I have uploaded a series of pictures below of more nail art designs: all of which are so intricate and range from bananas to rainbows!! Enjoy!!