Summery Dip Hem Maxi Skirt LOOK

This post is to show some pictures of a look I have put together. The look is summery and lovely and the main pieces are this lovely River Island cross over dip hem grey maxi skirt which was only £19.99. Then this super cute minty blue blouse from Boden and it has a rounded colar and little dots on. Then I am wearing this quirky moustache silver necklace from Asos SALE which was only £2!!!! I then have my tan leather Fossil clutch and then these lovely pinky sandals with lots of beading details on them. My hair is just down and crazily curly but here are some pictures my sister helped me take. Sorry I can’t show my face as I am still quite young but I will start showing my face in the near future!! Enjoy!! I also got my friend to do me a sparkly temp. tattoo yesterday- I love it!!


Sparkly blue tattoo!!


Trying to avoid flashing!!!

Bit weird my sister made me run!!




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