Dip Dyed Hair

Dip dyed hair, well nearly every celebrity has given a go a some point in their careers. Whether you keep to generic hair colours or go crazy with colour it can either look very good or horribly bad.

My favourite dipped died hair combo is when people have dark brown hair and dip dye it blonde or a lighter brown as I think it looks most classy and generally really nice out of all the others.

However the coloured ones can look really cool as well- with pinks, purples, greens and some go completely out there and do multi-coloured. The thing I really don’t like when dipped dyed is when someone has very blonde hair and dip dyes it black as without very long hair it is hard to make look nice.

A girl at my school has gorgeous dipped dyed hair- her natural hair colour is a dark ginger and she has dip dyed it like a caramelly blonde and it looks super cool and I am very envious of her!! Enjoy!!


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