Prada’s current range is simply amazing. It is so imaginative and each garment or accesory is completely unique to the next. This post involves some picture of some of my favourite items. The first picture features a beautiful wide light brown coat with pink beading flowers, then she is holding an amazing lime clutch bag with a striking car design and gold clasp and she is wearing some trendy flame design pastel shoes and I have just noticed the red jet propellers- so quirky. The next picture is breat taking, the women are wearing pleated chiffon blue and yellow tops and they are holding a range of clutches with many bold designs on, these include- dice, lips, flames, cocktails, roses and cherries- wonderful! The third picture involves a luxury long coat with pastel textured flower pattern and yellow hand bag, the second is wearing a car design silk bandeau top with a pink satin skirt with layered yellow flowers and a green leather bag. The last picture is of 2 beautiful swimsuits/bodysuits in the textured flower pattern with pink and green straw handbags= insanely CHIC!!!!


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