Clashing prints

Obviously, clashing prints can be a very dangerous and risky area- if you’ve got it wrong, you’ve got it wrong- now way out of it!! I’d say a good tip when clashing is to wear your more bold and large print on the top half and the more subtle smaller pattern such as ditsy floral on the bottom half. Also wearing something striped with floral can also look very chic. For accesories I would keep them quite plain but classic and let the patterns do the talking. The last tip is try to find prints which are from similar colour pallets or that complement one another. Here are some examples of clashing prints done well: The first picture is from Asos market place and combines a striped shirt, checked jacket, floral wide legged trousers and an oversized clutch bag to balance out the prints. The second picture is a gorgeous Topshop combo, with a luxorious silk high necked dress/top worn with floral leggings. The last picture is also featured in my Zara Bliss post but it is a most sucessful example of classing prints.



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