Month: May 2012


This post is to do with all things geeky and a bit of chic thrown in on the side!! Geek CHIC has arisen in the last couple of years when it was seen as cool to be smart and wear oversized glasses and button up shirts. However some people became Geek wannabees and punched out their 3D glasses and pretended to be intellectual!! Anyway I think the trend is really quite preppy and cool if done well and a vintage element is sometimes brought into it like 60’s peter pan collars and tortoise-shell round glasses?? So are you a true geek or just a wannabee?? ūüôā



A-Morir Layered Flower Sunglasses

These A-Morir¬†layered flower sunglasses are to die for!! They would truly cheer up any cloudy day!! They are extremely vintage looking and the colours are super on trend pastels with pale pinks, blues and lilacs. The actual sunglasses themselves also have this gorgeous purply¬†tone to them. They would be great for festivals and general sunny weather and really add that individuality¬†and quirky edge to an outfit!! Literally don’t think I’ve wanted a pair of sunglasses any more but around ¬£154 don’t think I being seeing them anytime soon!! waaah ūüė¶


Image of the Day

I have already shared this picture before, in a separate¬†post but it’s so¬†amazing I thought it deserved its own individual¬†post. I saw it again today and I remembered how much I love these 2 monochrome¬†floral pieces¬†(blouse and jeans) and how magically the go together. These are both sold at Topshop and then also do a blazer in the same pattern which I have very much got my eye on. SO LOVELY!!!! ‚̧

Central Saint Martins BA Show

These pictures are taken from the Central Saint Martins¬†BA Show from the British Vogue Facebook¬†page. Each one is individually sensational and such a striking and eye-catching¬†piece!! The first is by a designer called Serena Gili¬†and she clearly knows what she’s doing as this range is stunning¬†with these structured skirts which I have never seen anything like before. The next is by Erin Hawkes¬†and is this extremely oversized look with checked green jacket, oversized pleat¬†white skirt and huge head bow. This outfit is very fashionable but possibly a tad controversial¬†(shown by comments on Facebook¬†page)!! The third look is by Alan Lee which I absolutely adore!! Its so¬†minimalistic¬†with just a cream midi dress and white trousers. I love how simple it is but sooo¬†classy and glamorous¬†definitely my favourite out of the 3!! Hope you like!!

Wallpaper Fashion

This look involves elements of fashion and home furnishing inspired by prints of wallpaper. At first glance it’s as¬†if the girl and her dress blend in with this beautiful tree printed wallpaper. She is wearing this beautiful cream and gold vintage floral dress with a bow. It links to wallpaper as the design I’m sure could be found in many wallpaper or furnishing prints. To finish this cute, girly look she has added white tights, goldy cream heels and a little tight top knot bun. This is a very british looking outfit and truly feminine!! Enjoy!!

Straight Hair

This is a slightly random post to show what my hair looks like straight as many of my pictures are me with my wild curly hair. I don’t straighten my hair often but will sometimes¬†do it for parties. I know people with naturally curly hair who¬†straighten¬†their hair¬†everyday which most of us know can be very damaging for our hair. However, I like my hair straightened for a more slick and polished style and I am wearing in the picture my La¬†Redoute¬†white blouse and brown suede elbow pad jumper also from La Redoute Enjoy and tell me what you think of it!!! ūüôā