Vintage Market

Earlier this year I went on a day trip with some friends to london. I firstly vistited Spittlefield Market and it was lovely with lots of original garments/accesories/jewellry and baby bibs with funny messages on. After that we walked to brick lane. We really quickly went to a super cool quirky camera shop and then went onto a vintage market- it was great with loads of printed t-shirts and geeky glasses and shades. However my favourite stall was the one I purchased from. It sold loads of  white collars with gold collar tips, pastel coloured blouses with gold crusifixes on each collar- bit strange, black velvet high necked tops with gold studs around the top and finally what I purchased was… a navy sweater which is longer at the back than the front, futhermore it has a slightly faded recycled denim collar with silver studs circling around it!! It is very out there and edgy- A real statement piece!!  p.s sorry about the poor picture quality of the second picture- just so that you can see all the details.


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