Asos Marketplace

I’ve really been into Asos Marketplace at the moment, if you don’t know what it is- its where people can sell vintage clothes through Asos. There are many unique and excentric pieces and its all vintage of course! This minty blue coat is one of my favourite pieces. The style is very chic and the bows are a cute decorative touch. The caramel beret also adds glam to the outfit and is very francais!!! The second picture is a more street and preppy look. I adore the customised denim vest jacket and black sheer dress and the top knot bun completes the look= a match made in heaven!! The third image is a must have VTG brown leather jacket and the details are amazing and it would add an edge to any outfit. Image 4-I adore the combination of this lace collar with black ribbon over a light wash denim shirt.The 5th image is a classic turquoise shift dress with pocket flaps paired with contrast orange heels- its a great look for sping/summer. Lastly- image 6. These gorgeous slipper shoes are jeffrey campbell and are black studded leather- so lovely!! They have been paired with some bright pink chinos.


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